Sunday, December 3, 2017

Soros to interfere in Hungary? Not if Orban can help it!

George Soros. Again. A nasty character, who's aim is to break apart nation states and homogenise them for subservience to globalist interests. He funnels money into campaigns using NGOs as a front to push his agenda. The only thing is like to see George Soros wearing is handcuffs.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The revived Knights Templar

The Knights Templar are officially reborn as of 2013. These are the Jesuits reclaiming their public image and appealing to the masses via a magical, mystical and dominionist persona. The 500 year anniversary of the protestant reformation is past and the Roman Pope is out to pull the pieces of organized Christianity and other religions under his control.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Podesta Group classes amidst serious allegations

It sounds like the Podesta Group, who were heavily involved in Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, are closing amidst some really serious allegations.

How many times have we seen guilty parties accusing innocent people of what they themselves have perpetrated. The Podesta Group seems to be like that. Alex Jones in this video claims the Podesta brothers are the ones who did deals with foreign interests, who sold Russia massive amounts of uranium, who are involved in child pornography and more.

I must say I don't always follow Alex Jones' logic or conclusions, and I'm beginning to doubt his authenticity (Masonic backing? Listen to his beliefs about America); but when he comes out with hard facts it's hard to ignore him.

It will be interesting to see how much of this touches Hillary Clinton. She seems to be guilty as hell, but the media have really protected her. Will it result in her being jailed, along with the Podesta brothers and some other scum? God only knows; we just have to wait and see.

Friday, November 10, 2017

AI and Virtual Worlds; the Multiverse, Transhumanism & Religion

I find the ramifications of AI scary. The science itself is fascinating. What it could lead to in the wrong hands is scary, and I think we've heard enough of rogue nations, corrupt individuals and crazy spot agencies to realise there are plenty of 'wrong hands' out there!

There is definitely, in my mind anyway, a correlation between areas of advanced physics like the multiverse and what are see happening in areas connected to our quest for spiritual realities. The multidimensional worlds these guys are trying to manufacture in software is directly related to what physics is telling us, which also correlates to possibilities intelligent bible scholars delve into. As CERN and other agencies try to open Stargates or Portals to other dimensions (yes, they have actually published this), we are also encouraging people to venture into other worlds via a biological/hardware interface (transhumanism).

Does this all seem a bit like like The Matrix? Possibly so. The biological entities in that physical reality had been made unaware of their physical reality, and immersed in another, virtual, reality. How far was the author ahead of his time! In the ranks of futurists, maybe not at all. In the world of 'Everyman', exceedingly so.

This then begs the question: "If the science of the Matrix, which is over a decade old, is starting to appear very possible; what is the view of futurists now, and how much of that is based on theoretical physics, in particular quantum mechanics?" And given CERN has a statue of the Indian god Khali displayed and have talked quite spiritually at stages, how big a party do ideas of religion, alien gods, Gaia, emerging into the New Age reincarnation. That's a big subject, and I'm no expert ; but it is one I'm interested in, and one which affects me because science is now starting to validate spiritual things, not debunk them.

The important thing is the framework into which we assimilate new knowledge, and what that means for our stance regarding adoption of new technologies. Will we blindly be led into territory experimental physicists, futurists and the ultra wealthy want us to go, or will we consider their propositions in the light of our beliefs and what the bible seems to say about these things.

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